So, you have heard of Corporate Video Production, but what exactly is it? Put simply, a Corporate Video is the production of a video for a business or organisation of any size

In this post, we will run through what Corporate Video Production is and how your small business can benefit from it.

The possibilities of how you can use Corporate Video in your business are endless. The majority of businesses use it to promote and raise awareness of their brand as a whole. However, Corporate Video can also be used for training your staff, filming live events, and even communicating with your team.

Corporate Video Productions

Now you know what a Corporate Video is, you are probably wondering how you can use it in your business. The answer is, that there are infinite ways to use Corporate Video! Here are just a few.

Corporate / Small Business Video

A typical Corporate Video Production can include interviews with key members of staff or the managerial team of your company or organisation, as well as showcasing what you do, how you do it, and what makes you different and unique from your competitors. It can be an ideal introduction to your company for audiences who may not have been aware of you before.

Corporate Video has come along with since its establishment 20 or 30 years ago. They do not have to be long, boring, uninspiring videos that people switch off after 10 seconds. You can have a lot of fun with Corporate Video! Letting viewers “behind the scenes” of your business and your work processes can create trust as people can see for themselves that you are a genuine operation with ethical work practices. They can be creative, funny, have a great story behind them, or even something completely off-the-wall! The possibilities are endless.

You can use your Corporate Video Production on your website to introduce your business to potential customers or clients. It gives you a way to set yourself apart from your competitors by explaining how and why you do what you do. Another way to use your video is at conferences or events where you are exhibiting; videos are a brilliant way to capture the attention of passers-by at events and catch their eye. Sharing your passion for your work will encourage confidence in the viewer and make your brand more memorable and trustworthy.

Promotional Video

Are you holding a promotional event for your business? Having a video produced of the day (or days) can reap huge rewards. Are you a musician who plays regular gigs but needs footage of those gigs to get you more business?

A short highlights video of your event, for example, will allow you to showcase it across your social media channels and your website, meaning that people who were not able to attend can see what a fantastic and enjoyable event it was and encourage them to attend the next event/gig you are holding.

Training Video

Have you ever thought of using a video to help train new employees?

Training Videos are the solution you have been looking for! Once the video is produced it can be delivered again and again to as many people as you need. Your staff can go through the training videos when they have the time and at their own pace.

It is even possible to incorporate quizzes into your training videos, to make sure that your staff has understood the training.

Communications Video

If you send out regular newsletters or communications to your clients, then why not use video instead of text? A Communication Video is a fantastic way to communicate with your client base; it allows you to deliver your message effectively and efficiently. It will also engage your clients much more than a text-only newsletter. Video is the ideal medium for showcasing your business in a human, relatable way. By featuring real people talking about their roles in the company and including shots of the team at work and its products or services you can create an empathetic response in the viewer.

People remember 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see, but an incredible 70% of what they hear and see.

Harvard Business Review

I hope this has given you an understanding of Corporate Video and some inspiration for how you can use it in your business. Including a business profile video on your website can have a hugely positive effect on your SEO. Video has been shown to drive a 157 percent increase in traffic from organic search results. This can give you a huge competitive advantage when consumers are searching for a product or service that you offer online.

Additionally, social media video content is shared an incredible 1200 percent more than both text and still images put together. The corporate video should be at the heart of your online business strategy.

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